Panga Pank: Info

FORMAT-A carries on the activities of Panga Pank, established by Anka Wierzchowska Woźniak and Łukasz Woźniak in 2003.

Our fields of activities include:

·  artistic management of authors, translators, musicians
·  finding and promoting dramatic plays of significant artistic quality
·  publishing house
·  production of theatrical performances, musical events, festivals, cultural and entertainment events
·  organization of academic conferences
·  photography
·  garden landscaping.


We have produced musical performances: The Queen of Night (2003), named „The Best Musical Producion of 2004” by “Teatr” magazine), Hi, Madonna (2004), A House at the Outskirts (2005), La Dolce DDR (2006), Thanks for Love (2007).


We are in constant collaboration with Stary Theatre in Cracow, TR Warszawa and K. Warlikowski’s Nowy Teatr in Warsaw. We have also carried out two projects in cooperation with The Goethe Institute in Kraków (Hesse für Junge Leute, directed by M. Zadara), Nürnberger House in Kraków (SZUM 2005, TheaterTexte 2007) and Cracovian House in Nürnberg (concerts of Janusz Radek and Beata Przybytek Group), The Swiss Cultural Foundation “Pro Helvetia” (promotion of plays by S. Dupuis, T. Hürlimann and L. Bärfuss). We have launched three projects for the Cracovian Theatrical Reminiscences Festival. In 2003 it was an evening entitled Body.City.Blood during which the first polish performance of a play by the later Nobel-prize winner Elfriede Jelinek had taken place (the production was directed by Łukasz Czuj). Another productions included Bluebeard: The Women’s Hope, directed by Tomasz Wysocki (starring Andrzej Chyra), and – in 2006 – L. Bärfuss’ The Bus, directed by Magda Ostrokólska.


Since 1999, in cooperation with Jagiellonian University’s Drama Department, we have been publishing two series entitled Contemporary Plays and Interpretations of Drama, which already consist of 100 volumes. For this branch of our activity we received a nomination for a prestigious award The “Polityka” Passport in 2003. We have also organized four international academic conferences at Jagiellonian University in Cracow: one for production designing group FIRT/IFTR entitled Tradition and Innovation in Theatre Design: Concepts, Trends and Technologies (2001), and others entitled Fictional/Real in Contemporary Theatre (2005), Storytelling in Contemporary Theatre (2007), Recycling in Contemporary Theatre (2009).


We represent the most eminent Polish playwrights, among them: Michał Bajer, Jan Klata, Marek Kochan, Jacek Papis, Monika Powalisz, Zyta Rudzka, Maria Spiss, Michał Walczak, Maria Wojtyszko, Szymon Wróblewski, as well as foreign ones: Elfriede Jelinek (Austria) and Neda Neżdana (Ukraine).

Togheter with Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Theatre Institute we have organized promotions of polish authors and texts abroad.